A Day in the Life

Water Games!

Running from Monday to Friday, there are two different sorts of days at Camp - trip days and site days, but both start in the same way. Rise and shine is from half past 7, when the children are encouraged to have a shower and get ready for the day ahead! After a good wash, the children settle down for Quiet Time in their tents with their friends and leaders. Quiet Time gives everyone a chance to slow down and think about what they've heard in the evening meetings and to discuss those things about God, the Bible and even just about being children in the 21st Century, that they don't quite understand.

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A short walk up to the dining room brings breakfast time, followed by a quick tidy-up and tent inspection, before the day's activities begin.

Days on site (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) are filled with things to do, whether it's action-packed and noisy or quiet and skilful. The children are encouraged to join in with sports tournaments, silly games, craft activities and team games - many of which are for points to build that extra bit of healthy competition. There are also opportunities in the day for a sit-down or a quiet game with a friend.


On trip days (Wednesday and Friday) everyone gets ready after breakfast and heads off on the coaches for a fun-filled day somewhere exciting. Trips generally change each year, but places Camp has been before include Explore @Bristol, Bristol Zoo, Crealy Adventure Park, Sedgemoor Splash, Burnham-on Sea, Longleat and the Bristol Pack boat trips.

After tea, it's time to head over to Big Church for the evening activities, and from there it's a bit of supper, before collapsing exhausted into bed ready for more fun tomorrow!

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