If you are a Christian who enjoys working with children, and has a week or two to spare in the summer,​ then leading on Summer Camp could be for you! You need to relish a challenge and be 16 years of age or over.

Being involved in the evangelism and discipleship of young people is a uniquely rewarding experience, and we would recommend it to anyone who fits the description above.

It will be a full-on week (or two), taking care of a group of eight or nine children. Each day, you will spend most of your time with the children in your tent group, helping them to form a team and compete to be the winning group. You will help them in sport, games, craft, and lots more. You will accompany them on trips, and be with them during Quiet Times (morning discussion) and in the evenings in Big Church (evening celebration). Don't worry though, you will have a co-leader to share the work with, and enjoy down-time with a brilliant group of leaders on Camp, making great friends along the way.  

Almost all of the people who lead on Camp come back for multiple years (and some become so hooked by the joy of leading at Camp that they come back year after year after year!) Read below what some of our regulars have written about their experience of Camp. If you think you might be interested in leading at Camp this year, please contact Mark Wood on mark@somersetcamps.org.uk

Leading on Camp is also an excellent opportunity to complete the residential section of your Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). The DofE website says that if you’re going for your Gold DofE Award, you need to complete an additional residential section. Providing you don't know the majority of people on Camp, volunteering as a tent leader will count as your Gold DofE residential and we are more than happy to fill out logbooks etc. 

Jonny Bryer


—  Jonny Bryer

"I think the best thing about camp is helping the kids to enjoy their week while being a Christian example to them. Also, each year after camp I feel refreshed and encouraged in my Christian walk which is a real benefit for all areas of my life."